Saturday, January 8, 2011

Being a Christian in New Jersey

(Note: not trying to spark a religious debate, just a thought).  Being born and raised in Hawaii, we have no professional team that we live and die by.  Probably the closest thing is the University of Hawaii at Manoa football team, the Warriors.  But imagine this, you're a die hard Christian, a die hard hockey fan, and you're born and raised in New Jersey.

New Jersey's professional hockey team is the New Jersey Devils.  Although the actual "New Jersey 'Devil'" is described as a cryptozoological specie (an animal whose existence is disputed, for example, the yeti) found in South Jersey, you can't help but compare this devil to THE DEVIL we've come to know from the bible or being alive in this world (what? you don't know who the devil is? well, you're not alive...kidding).

If you're this Christian in New Jersey who's a huge hockey fan, you've got to be in somewhat of dilemma.  You've got your religion, and you've got your hockey team.  You COULD not make a big deal out of it, simply because it's just a hockey team name, but on the other hand, you COULD be thinking you go about that thinking is up to your mind and heart.

You love your God, but you love your Devils. If you had to choose one, who would you choose?  Maybe you ended up following a different team.  Again, it may not get to that point, but I really don't know how a Christian Devil fan thinks.  Look at their mascot, if you go to a hockey game and see this dude, I'm sure you're not thinking of that not-too-sure-of-a-devil in Jersey but the devil underneath.

The Devils actually originate from Kansas City as the Scouts from '74-'76.  Then moved to Colorado from '76-'82 as the Rockies, and then on to New Jersey til now.  Kansas City was named after a statue depicting a Sioux Indian on a horseback, Colorado has the rocky mountains, and New Jersey has...devils.  Too bad the Jersey Shore cast wasn't made back in '82.  They'd be less of topic of religion if their name was the New Jersey Fist Pumpers.

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