Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stick This in Your Ear

You can use it to apply and remove makeup.  You can use it for science.  You can use it to clean a dusty keyboard.  But Q-tips never suggests to stick these cotton fire-knife looking sticks into your ears.

I'm pretty convinced that most people use Q-tips to clean their ears.  I know I do.  I haven't took the time out of my life to research what is the best way to clean your ears (can you say, lazy?)  Here on the back of the Q-tips box, it gives you pictures of what to use them for.  They show an eye, fingernails, a selection of paint colors, a keyboard, and...a dog.  But no ear.

Same goes for us in other aspects of our lives.  We're suggested not do something because it is not...suggested, yet we find ourselves doing that same thing we were suggested not to do!  Q-tips is just a mere metaphor for life, and I'm betting all my money that that's what Q-tips' intention is: they didn't want us to use it for makeup or a computer keyboard--they just want us to learn a lesson (What? I lost all my money?!?!).

I'm sure we'll still be using Q-tips for our ears for ears (sorry, I meant years, not ears) to come because no one can tell us what to do!  No pictures on a box, no nothin'!

Wishing your ears all the best, and...

Flushing the toilet,


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