Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I don't have a Twitter account.  I definitely don't have a Myspace.  I do, however, have a Facebook, but you can't really write in length on there.  Plus, many are trying to come up with that perfect status update/post that'll garner comments/"likes".  So here I am with this site, where I have many things to say; sometimes small, sometimes big, but something nonetheless.  Introducing, The Toilet Diaries.

The Toilet Diaries isn't about how weird or cool my last stool was, nor is it about my last thoughts before I go to bed.  One day, I thought about Japanese tourists, and how interesting it is that when they don't understand what you've just said to them, they just nod their heads and smile like that's the response we were looking for.  But what if they didn't do that.  What if they frowned their lips and began to cry?  What if any conversation for that matter with a language barrier was like that?  I know for myself, when I don't understand someone, I smile and give a little laugh as if I knew/understood what they said.  

So here I was, sitting on the toilet, thinking about this, and said to myself, "That would be fun to have an outlet to write thoughts that don't necessarily come from when I'm on the toilet, but just any thought that I think is worth mentioning" (said those exact words, promise).  After coming up with the name, I looked online if anyone had the same name or website.  A few names, but no legit website (the domain wasn't taken). 

So, this is just my "get out of jail free card" before I do anything.  I'm hopeful some peeps will read this, but if not, whatevvvvvas!

Flushing the toilet,


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