Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Days of Recognition

Today is my birthday.  24 years ago, my mom gave birth to me.  Today, I've received dozens of facebook comments (not roses) wishing me a happy birthday. I've also received texts/calls wishing me the same.

Isn't it amazing that people recognize you on special occasions? It's absolutely welcoming to hear your friends and family tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I've never experienced "Sixteen Candles" where my family forgot about my birthday, but can you imagine if you went through your entire birthday with no one acknowledging it?  Knowing that people care enough to mention those two very words is heartwarming.

I'm fascinated with the gestures of human beings and how we think.  Although we can be cruel and inhumane at times, we all possess love and compassion for others in someway or fashion.  People all around the world spend birthdays differently, but no matter what, regardless of the current situations we might be in, I'd like to think we all wish happy birthdays to one another.

I'm happy to be having a  happy birthday because of others saying happy birthday and being happy to me on my birthday that is happy.

Much Mahalos to everyone.

Flushing the toilet,


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