Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Don't Bet, But I Play Fantasy

I'm not, and hopefully won't fall into being, a big sports bettor. For one, I don't have the money, and two, watching Keanu Reeves in "Hard Ball" just scared me straight into not gambling. Of course, I've petty gambled throughout my life ranging from quarter flip at the least and betting 20 bucks tops at the most. Again, not a big sports bettor.

For us children, we can safely play fantasy. No, not Final Fantasy you nerds, fantasy sports!  Although you can lay down some mula in fantasy sports, it's just as fun without it. For me, I strictly play basketball and football. There are tons of fantasy games like baseball, hockey, cricket, and...congress (??), but I stick to those two.

Basically, you choose players from the REAL professional sport through a draft system, and those individuals' stats in each game calculates towards your FANTASY team's points. You're either going head-to-head against another competitor in your league, or you're playing against everyone in your league. You can also trade, cut, or sign players to your team. Each league varies according to the league's commissioner and how he/she creates the league.

It can get a little awkward when it comes to your beloved sports team playing against someone on your fantasy team. You can start to root on for the other team just for your fantasy points' sake. You'll be like, "As long as Adrian Peterson gets two touchdowns, but the Bears still win, I definitely wouldn't be mad with that."

Fantasy can be like betting, and believe me, there IS a lot of money circulating through the fantasy sports playing field, but you don't HAVE to bet. So if you're feeling a little itch to bet, but don't wanna throw down those dollas, try fantasy sports. I'm sure you'll find something that'll heal your itch.

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